Course curriculum

  • 1

    Low Oxalate Diet 101

    • Getting Started and Overcoming Overwhelm

    • What is Oxalate? In What Foods is it Found?

    • Oxalate Dumping and Easing Into the Diet

  • 2

    Cutting Out Confusion

    • Finding a Reliable Oxalate List

    • Clearing Up the Confusion Among Oxalate Lists

    • How Cooking Methods Affect Oxalate Content

  • 3

    Taking Control of Your Health

    • Substitutions and Sticking With It

    • Make It Easier and Set Yourself Up For Success

    • The Finishing Touches

  • 4

    Low Oxalate Toolkit

    • Low Oxalate Diet Summary

    • Low Oxalate Shopping List

    • Sample Meals w/ Oxalate Content

    • Low Oxalate Fruit List

    • Low Oxalate Vegetable List

    • Low Oxalate Herb and Spice List